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Excel Spreadsheet Template

We suggest downloading this Excel spreadsheet to use as a template: SalaryAndBenefitsData.xls. Refer to the spreadsheet for proper headers and cell formatting. Once you have entered all required data in the spreadsheet, you must “Save As” a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file to upload to ISBE.

Again, the acceptable file format for uploading is Comma Separated Values (CSV). Please use the information provided below to create a properly formatted upload file.

Comma Separated Values (CSV) File Layout

As the name implies, in a properly formatted CSV file each value within a record is separated by a comma. For the Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefits system, the first row must contain the field names. Each record after the first record should contain actual data. See sample file below that contains two records with data.

Sample file content:

Doe,Jane,M,Teacher,Math Teacher,43322.28,1,15,10,0.00,1200.00,3977.21,2874.11
Doe,John,*,Teacher, Science Teacher,33342.28,1.25,15,10,1542.46,900.00,0.00,2288.56

Other considerations for CSV file formatting:

  1.  Do not add commas at the beginning or the end of a record; only use commas to separate values within a record.

  2.  Avoid using extra commas for 1000 separators; if you use commas, the value must be wrapped in double quotes. 

PASS        23405.99       (the value does not contain extra commas)

PASS      "23,405.99"     (the value is wrapped in double quotes)

FAIL        23,405.99       (the value is not wrapped in double quotes)



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